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 If you follow me on instagram or twitter (you totally should if you don't!) you probably  have seen me complain about my spotty forehead. I'm not someone that gets spots so it felt like a random outbreak. That was until my mum mentioned I had outbreaks like that was when I was on steroids. So major sigh... its another Predisolone side effect. It feels horrible when your mum hasn't seen you in weeks and that's the first thing she notices about you. 

I'm feeling like a crappy beauty blogger having such terrible skin, so I went searching for ways to rid of my steroid acne!

You cant get rid of acne overnight unfortunately. I remember my doctor just telling me 'its just a side effect, steroids acne is different to normal acne so just forget it' which of course you never want to hear. After hours at work researching the best ways to help clear it I found 5 great tips.

1. Drink water
I'm starting to feel like a broken record, always writing this in my Top Fives but it helps so much. 

2. Drink a herbal tea
Herbal teas are lovely. My favourite is fennel which is used for cleansing. I'm taking alot of different medications so my liver isn't the best. Drinking fennel really balances your liver toxicity out. It's also great to drink when you're feeling a little bit hungover

3. Steam your face
I've complained about having a puffy face and my Mum told me to steam it! Put boiling hot water in a wash basin with a squeeze of lemon juice. Put a towel over your head and place your face over the water. This should open your pores and help to remove blemishes. It's not something I would advise to do often as it can actually dry out your face. I tend to do it every Saturday. Lush sell little tablets that you can put in the water and steam your face with. I'd recommend the tea tree one as tea tree is great for blemishes. 

4. Spot Creams
I know there are honestly 1000s of different spot creams on sale and its practically a mission to find on that works. I found freederm gel which only cost £4.99. It helps bring down inflammed spots quickly. You put it on the affected area twice a day. I've been using it for about a week and my huge spots are getting smaller and the others are drying up. I'm so lucky I found something that works for me

5. Vitamin E face Oil
I've always heard models say they use Vitamin E oil to keep their skin supple and soft but always too lazy to buy it. Luckily Superdrug do their own brand of Vitamin E products. It's a antioxidant and helps defend your skin from damage from the environment , such as pollution, the cold which can dry out your skin and other stuff. I put a small amount just before I go to bed, and I find it's already absorbed into my skin by the time I turn my lamp off! I noticed my skin looked clearer within two days of using it. It's my favourite thing I've bought this year!!

Anyone else suffer from troublesome skin? Any other tips?
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P.S I've put myself on a spending ban as I'm saving for Paris, BUT I will be doing more baking and exercise blogs so I'm not totally off the radar :)


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