Maybelline Lasting Drama- Black Shock

Hello my lovelies. A new review of Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock

I bought this eyeliner twice because I left it in boots, I'm so bitter about it. But here's my review.

As I ran out of my liquid eyeliner I thought I'd try going back to gel. I always find gel liners stay on a lot longer than others.

The nib of this liner is a slanted grey applicator. The tip is great for getting into the corner of the eye and as it gets thicker it would create a bold line to the other end of the eye.

This liner has a twist knob at the end of the stick which you twist once to get enough to line one eye.

If you want a thick, bold eye line this eyeliner is for you. I used it on a night out with double lashes and I felt like it created a dramatic effect.

Once again in my gym clothes

 It stays on ALL night, and very difficult to remove. It actually says on the tube 'use waterproof make up remover'... So maybe I should have read the label.

See! Perfect example of read the label
I do really like this eyeliner, but I feel like it takes practice to get the perfect line. As you can see from the photo below... I make many eyeliner mistakes. I think its the applicator that I have to get used to.

Eyes Closeddd

What do you think of this eyeliner? Has anyone tried a new gel liner that they love? Comment below, and don't forget to follow me on my networking sites :)

Major apologies about blogging recently! I've been so tired working two jobs! I have some exciting lifestyle and health blogs coming soon so look out for them!



  1. I love gel eyeliner but I prefer to use a brush so that I'm in control of the thickness etc but this looks pretty convenient! x

  2. Oooh, I've never used a brush before. That's a good idea



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