Mariah's Weekly Nails- One

Hey guys, I figured I'd have a regular Sunday post about what nail polish/art I'm having for the week. I'll tell you my colour, nail shape and how I did my designs. Hope you like 

Nail Colour: Rimmels Sky High

Why did you choose this colour?: it made me think of the sea for some reason. And boots has 3 for 2!!

Nail Shape: Short and Square

Any nail art design?: Nope, I felt like the colour was too pretty to play with!

Woo! That's week one done. Apologies about the photos they were taken on my phone/ipad! Did you enjoy my post?? Comment below!


  1. LOVE this colour - I've been obsessed recently :)

    1. Nail polish is always a good thing to be obsessed with ;)


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