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Hello there, lovely readers of Starla Says. I was recently contacted by Mariah asking if I would like to guest post on her blog. I accepted straight away and here I am with my post! 
After speaking to Mariah, we both decided that a lifestyle type of post would be good. After further discussion we decided on a home decor post, which I was really excited about as some of you may know I've recently done my room up. You can see that post here. It has a shabby chic feel which I love.

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A lot (90%) of these are from Dunelm Mill. I can't believe that place isn't more well known because I honestly got pretty much everything in my room from there. My mum and nan absolutely love it there and we often go there! Its such an amazing shop. I have also included some things from Dolly Bow Bow. Most people will probably know that Kate does jewellery but she also has a small home wear section on the website. It used to be a lot more but I can only assume its been cut down so she can focus on the jewellery. There is still some gorgeous bits! And finally one pillow from Zara. Now, I don't shop in Zara, but I really didn't have a clue that they did home wear! I was amazed. They have some lovely bits too. 
I have my eye on every one of these, but I don't think there will be any room!! Defo gonna have to make some ;)

I hope you enjoyed my guest post, please come over and see me! :)

What are your decor picks? Do you like this shabby chic feel?

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