Blogger Event - Musical Bingo

Last Thursday I was invited to my first bloggers event. Musical Bingo at a place in Shorditch called Concrete. I was so nervous and anxious about meeting new people I almost bottled out a couple of times.

My outfit for the night.Lovely dress from New Look

Elena -who organised the event- had sent an email linking us to everyone's twitter and blog so we could get chatting beforehand.

The theme of the night was love songs. We were presented with song sheets that had nine songs on them. There were three rounds: Love is the message, Duets and Heartbreak Songs. The premise was exactly like normal bingo so it was easy to understand.

To make the night even more amazing we were given complimentary Prosecco and pizza. I feel a bit ashamed of how excited I was for pizza- but I diet a lot, pizza is heavenly.

I honestly loved the night. The hosts were funny and charming. They weren't too in your face which I was expecting so I was pleased. I met some lovely people, danced on stage to BeyoncĂ©, ate pizza for the first time in months. We even got a goodie bag that included a brush, dry shampoo, tote at and sweets. 

Great night indeed.

Thanks to Costa bingo for organizing the event.

Has anyone ever been? Or want to go? Comment below you lovely people!


  1. Great choice of outfit for an event! Simple but put together and cute :)


  2. Love the photos. See, there was nothing to be nervous about x

    1. I know! I feel silly now haha

  3. That looks so much fun! I can't wait for my first one. I'm a new blogger (:
    ~Makaela at

    1. Aww when is it?
      I've just started following you lovely


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