My 30 Day Challenge

Hello Beauts! 

I probably should have posted this a couple of days ago, but it's my birthday in 28 days. Anyone that knows me, knows how important my birthday is to me. There's countdowns, diets, several outfit plans and well just alot of planning. This year I will be in Paris thanks to my lovely boyfriend, and I thought 'Hey, why don't I challenge myself for 30 days?'




Its taken me weeks to think of something I could give up or start doing. Was it going to be MORE exercise? I mean judging by the above photos I think I lose weight every birthday! I've even thought about turning Vegetarian due to the documentaries I've watched on Netflix. To be honest... I couldn't decide. So my boyfriend and I made some rules that I have to follow.

  • No Fast food
  • No Fizzy Drinks (sparkling water is ok)
  • No sweets/chocolate/cake
  • Only have meat once a week... otherwise Quorn food
  • 100 squats and 100 crunches a day
The first three are going to be particularly difficult for me as I love sugar and sweets so much. It hurt to throw away my lovely sweets! 

I think I can do this challenge, and luckily I have my boyfriend and friends helping me out! I'm hoping to look and feel my best for my birthday!

Do you guys have any tips for me? Or any Quorn recipes? Or do you just think I wont be able to do it?

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Blogger Event - Musical Bingo

Last Thursday I was invited to my first bloggers event. Musical Bingo at a place in Shorditch called Concrete. I was so nervous and anxious about meeting new people I almost bottled out a couple of times.

My outfit for the night.Lovely dress from New Look

Elena -who organised the event- had sent an email linking us to everyone's twitter and blog so we could get chatting beforehand.

The theme of the night was love songs. We were presented with song sheets that had nine songs on them. There were three rounds: Love is the message, Duets and Heartbreak Songs. The premise was exactly like normal bingo so it was easy to understand.

To make the night even more amazing we were given complimentary Prosecco and pizza. I feel a bit ashamed of how excited I was for pizza- but I diet a lot, pizza is heavenly.

I honestly loved the night. The hosts were funny and charming. They weren't too in your face which I was expecting so I was pleased. I met some lovely people, danced on stage to BeyoncĂ©, ate pizza for the first time in months. We even got a goodie bag that included a brush, dry shampoo, tote at and sweets. 

Great night indeed.

Thanks to Costa bingo for organizing the event.

Has anyone ever been? Or want to go? Comment below you lovely people!

Guest Post : By Daisy

Hello there, lovely readers of Starla Says. I was recently contacted by Mariah asking if I would like to guest post on her blog. I accepted straight away and here I am with my post! 
After speaking to Mariah, we both decided that a lifestyle type of post would be good. After further discussion we decided on a home decor post, which I was really excited about as some of you may know I've recently done my room up. You can see that post here. It has a shabby chic feel which I love.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

A lot (90%) of these are from Dunelm Mill. I can't believe that place isn't more well known because I honestly got pretty much everything in my room from there. My mum and nan absolutely love it there and we often go there! Its such an amazing shop. I have also included some things from Dolly Bow Bow. Most people will probably know that Kate does jewellery but she also has a small home wear section on the website. It used to be a lot more but I can only assume its been cut down so she can focus on the jewellery. There is still some gorgeous bits! And finally one pillow from Zara. Now, I don't shop in Zara, but I really didn't have a clue that they did home wear! I was amazed. They have some lovely bits too. 
I have my eye on every one of these, but I don't think there will be any room!! Defo gonna have to make some ;)

I hope you enjoyed my guest post, please come over and see me! :)

What are your decor picks? Do you like this shabby chic feel?

Mariah's Weekly Nails- One

Hey guys, I figured I'd have a regular Sunday post about what nail polish/art I'm having for the week. I'll tell you my colour, nail shape and how I did my designs. Hope you like 

Nail Colour: Rimmels Sky High

Why did you choose this colour?: it made me think of the sea for some reason. And boots has 3 for 2!!

Nail Shape: Short and Square

Any nail art design?: Nope, I felt like the colour was too pretty to play with!

Woo! That's week one done. Apologies about the photos they were taken on my phone/ipad! Did you enjoy my post?? Comment below!

Vitamin E Skin Oil

Ladies, I have a skin product that I found absolutely amazing! I haven't stopped raving about it to my friends so I thought I better blog about it! Volia Vitamin E oil. I spoke about a little bit in my spotty blog post (which you can find here) but I think it really deserves its own post.

My boyfriend had started calling me a hippie because I keep trying to find natural remedies for things, but as I was researching acne I found this wonder oil. 

It's perfect for smooth, supple skin. It also helps with the damage the environment does to our skin. It sounds silly but I didn't realise how pollution can affect our skin so much! I recomend you do a google search about it.

I use it at night before I sleep. I apply three drops to my fingertips and rub onto my face. I normally forget to turn off the bathroom light, or leave the oven on, so by the time I get back under my sheets it's mostly absorbed into my skin. In the morning when I wash my face it just feels amazing. It feels like a baby's skin, I cant even describe it.

I've bought Superdrugs own brand of vitamin E products, and it only cost £2.99. I also have bought the eye make up remover from this range which is cheap and great.
Unfortunately, Vitamin E is pretty low down in the ingredient list. So I think I'll search for a purer bottle once I'm done with this one. Nevertheless, this works a treat! It's revitalised my face and made me look brighter and ready for action.

Anyone used any other Vitamin E products? Or can tell me where to get a purer version?
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Weekly Nail Routine

Hey lovelies, I've been hiding this last week with beauty posts but I'm back with a new one for you. 

Last week over on my instagram I probably got the most likes on a photo and it's was of my nails. Since secondary school I've had girls ask me tips and advice about my nails. So I've decided to do a post about my nail routine.

My nails are strange. They are super strong and grow super quick. But as it's me, and something is always wrong, I have grooves on them. My doctor actually told me it's due to a vitamin D deficiency. She also said brittle nails could be linked to lack of calcium. Looking at your nails are a good way to check how healthy you are. 

Here's my Sunday routine

1. Take off last weeks nail polish. I use Cutex-ultra cleansing as it has the right vitamins for nail health
Long, horrible and round

2. Shower/Bath- As Sunday is pamper day I use my shower/bath to soak my nails as it makes it easier for my step 3

3. Cut into shape - As I've mentioned, my nails are strong. Using nail clippers they just ping off in odd directions. After a soak they're much easier to manage

Short and Square

4. Nail pamper- Now any nail polish loving lady knows what this is. A 4 way nail buffer is essential for lovely nails. One side for filing,buffing,smoothing and finally polishing. My favourite side is the smoothing as that's what flattens the ridges on my nails. Quick tip- only file one way. If you go back and forth your nails get brittle and are more likely to break!

5. Undercoat, Polish and Top Coat - I personally really hate undercoats because I'm so impatient, but I change my nail colour so often it's needed. I tend to use 2-3 coats of colour depending on the strength of the colour. Lastly I put a top coat of Sally Hensen acrylic top to give it a shiny finish.

And that brings me to my nails of the week
Rimmel- Round and Round in circles

I think I'm gonna start doing a Sunday nail post with tips on nail art and my favourite colours. What do you think? Comment below


Valentine's Day Cookies

Hi lovelies. Another baking blog post for ya and its Valentine's Day themed. I don't really celebrate Valentines with my boyfriend, but I do love to bake

All you need is:

  • 250g butter, softened
  • 320g sieved plain flour
  • 125g sieved icing sugar
  • 1 tablespoon milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. Preheat your oven to about 190c

2. Melt the butter, add sugar, milk and vanilla then mix until smooth

3. Then add sieved flour and mix until a dough is made

4. Put on a floured workspace and roll out so that its about as thick as a pound coin

5. Then cut using your cookie cutters, and put in the fridge to cool for 10 mins

6. Bake in the oven for 15-20mins

7. Once cooled, decorating time :)

I decided to use a simple icing just using icing sugar and water. I added food colouring to keep with the Valentines theme.

And voila! Tasty Valentines Cookies

Yeah...I made a cookie for our cat Luca

My mum always said 'if its not messy, its not homemade'

What are you all doing for Valentine's day? I'm gonna get a takeaway, a bottle of Rosé and watch some Netflix with my boyfriend. But thats my normal Friday night! Comment below with your plans...would love to hear them!


A Quick Thank You

Just a quick THANK YOU to everyone reading my blog.

I love that people are actually reading and commenting on my blog. I've had a tough week and your comments are making me feel so much better.

Come check out my twitter and instagram too:

Spotty :(

Howdy all, hope you're all doing well

 If you follow me on instagram or twitter (you totally should if you don't!) you probably  have seen me complain about my spotty forehead. I'm not someone that gets spots so it felt like a random outbreak. That was until my mum mentioned I had outbreaks like that was when I was on steroids. So major sigh... its another Predisolone side effect. It feels horrible when your mum hasn't seen you in weeks and that's the first thing she notices about you. 

I'm feeling like a crappy beauty blogger having such terrible skin, so I went searching for ways to rid of my steroid acne!

You cant get rid of acne overnight unfortunately. I remember my doctor just telling me 'its just a side effect, steroids acne is different to normal acne so just forget it' which of course you never want to hear. After hours at work researching the best ways to help clear it I found 5 great tips.

1. Drink water
I'm starting to feel like a broken record, always writing this in my Top Fives but it helps so much. 

2. Drink a herbal tea
Herbal teas are lovely. My favourite is fennel which is used for cleansing. I'm taking alot of different medications so my liver isn't the best. Drinking fennel really balances your liver toxicity out. It's also great to drink when you're feeling a little bit hungover

3. Steam your face
I've complained about having a puffy face and my Mum told me to steam it! Put boiling hot water in a wash basin with a squeeze of lemon juice. Put a towel over your head and place your face over the water. This should open your pores and help to remove blemishes. It's not something I would advise to do often as it can actually dry out your face. I tend to do it every Saturday. Lush sell little tablets that you can put in the water and steam your face with. I'd recommend the tea tree one as tea tree is great for blemishes. 

4. Spot Creams
I know there are honestly 1000s of different spot creams on sale and its practically a mission to find on that works. I found freederm gel which only cost £4.99. It helps bring down inflammed spots quickly. You put it on the affected area twice a day. I've been using it for about a week and my huge spots are getting smaller and the others are drying up. I'm so lucky I found something that works for me

5. Vitamin E face Oil
I've always heard models say they use Vitamin E oil to keep their skin supple and soft but always too lazy to buy it. Luckily Superdrug do their own brand of Vitamin E products. It's a antioxidant and helps defend your skin from damage from the environment , such as pollution, the cold which can dry out your skin and other stuff. I put a small amount just before I go to bed, and I find it's already absorbed into my skin by the time I turn my lamp off! I noticed my skin looked clearer within two days of using it. It's my favourite thing I've bought this year!!

Anyone else suffer from troublesome skin? Any other tips?
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P.S I've put myself on a spending ban as I'm saving for Paris, BUT I will be doing more baking and exercise blogs so I'm not totally off the radar :)



Time to get serious on the blog today.

I was shopping for Valentines Day/5 year anniversary/Paris and I knew Lush were doing some amazing products. Then I came across something called #sign of love

I'm sure you've seen the news about the Anti-Gay laws in Russia. Basically its illegal to propagate your sexual orientation if you belong to the LGBTQ community.This has caused some people to take things into their own hands and be violent to those in the community.

It's ridiculous that people are being subjected to such violence and crime because of this. You would think that in 2014 people shouldn't be afraid to love who they want, and be who they want to be. I believe in love, whether it's with a woman or a man, and people shouldn't be persecuted for it.

The brilliant (and always friendly) people at Lush are making a photo petition book to send to Russian embassies around the world on February 14- Valentines Day. All you have to do is draw a triangle in pink lipstick on yourself and upload to twitter,facebook or instagram with the hashtag #signoflove

Here's mine :)

Here I am. No Make Up, No Clothes, No Filter.
Because I believe that with love there's nothing to be ashamed of or hide

I think you guys should take part :) because its such a good, simple idea and a great way to show love.

I have a lot of love for lush.

To learn more click HERE



Marshmallow Topped Fudge Brownies

Helloooo! You guys might not know this but... I love to bake (anyone who's seen high school musical will know why I suddenly want to burst into 'stick to the status quo' right now). My boyfriend and I were having friends over so I decided to bake some fudgey brownies with a slight twist.

Making brownies is pretty simple. It's more sugar than anything!

All you need is

  • 150 g butter
  • 275 g caster sugar
  • 75 g cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • eggs
  • 75 g plain flour
  • Marshmallows for topping
  1. Melt the butter, add the sugar and cocoa powder and cream them together
  2. Add the eggs in the middle of the mixture and pour the vanilla extract into the egg yolk 
  3. Next sieve the flour in and mix all your ingredients together
  4. Put in a lightly buttered lined baking tray
  5. Bake for 30-35 mins at 200°c
  6. Stick a knife in the middle and if its clean its ready
  7. While its still warm, top with marshmallows and put back in the oven for 2-4 mins



The marshmallows on your brownies should look browned and yummy! Wait for them to cool and then you can cut them into little squares.

Mine look DEPRESSINGLY home-made as I couldn't wait for them to cool to try them. The marshmallow makes it super difficult to cut. You when you get pizza and the cheese just pulls from the next slice? That's what it was like cutting them.


They should taste really chocolate-y and fudgey (yes..I realise those aren't REAL words). The marshmallows add a different type of sweetness to the brownie.

Ahhh my first baking post. I hope you enjoyed it. Would you like me to do more or should I stick to beauty and being healthy?

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Maybelline Lasting Drama- Black Shock

Hello my lovelies. A new review of Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock

I bought this eyeliner twice because I left it in boots, I'm so bitter about it. But here's my review.

As I ran out of my liquid eyeliner I thought I'd try going back to gel. I always find gel liners stay on a lot longer than others.

The nib of this liner is a slanted grey applicator. The tip is great for getting into the corner of the eye and as it gets thicker it would create a bold line to the other end of the eye.

This liner has a twist knob at the end of the stick which you twist once to get enough to line one eye.

If you want a thick, bold eye line this eyeliner is for you. I used it on a night out with double lashes and I felt like it created a dramatic effect.

Once again in my gym clothes

 It stays on ALL night, and very difficult to remove. It actually says on the tube 'use waterproof make up remover'... So maybe I should have read the label.

See! Perfect example of read the label
I do really like this eyeliner, but I feel like it takes practice to get the perfect line. As you can see from the photo below... I make many eyeliner mistakes. I think its the applicator that I have to get used to.

Eyes Closeddd

What do you think of this eyeliner? Has anyone tried a new gel liner that they love? Comment below, and don't forget to follow me on my networking sites :)

Major apologies about blogging recently! I've been so tired working two jobs! I have some exciting lifestyle and health blogs coming soon so look out for them!