Real Techniques Powder Brush Review

Hello lovelies, it's time for my first review of 2014, and it's all about Real Techniques Powder Brush. 

From my previous post about what I got for Christmas you'll see I got Bare Minerals powder. I haven't used powder for a while so this is all exciting to me. 

Real Techniques were designed by make up artists Sam and Nic Chapman. I think its clever to have people that actually use brushes, designing them as it gives the product a more specialised feel.

The bristles are made from synthetic material so its 100% cruelty free. Another reason for using this material is that it supposedly creates a perfect and flawless finish. It feels so soft  and delicate against my skin. I automatically thought that as its made of synthetic material that it will be harsh and make my skin feel itchy, but it felt so light and smooth.

It might be a silly point, but I love how it stands up on its own. It makes me want to buy more brushes and create a brush a brush line of all Real Techniques brushes on my make up station.

I also thought the brush was quite big. I felt intimidated by its size (I read that over and realised how dirty that sounds) but thankfully the size works in its favour. When applying powder, only a little bit goes a long way as it spreads all over the brush. This is also helpful for when you have 5 minutes of make up time before work!!

I'm still a newbie when it comes to using powder, but I think this brush definitely helps with creating a perfect finish. 

What are your thoughts? I know alot of bloggers have reviewed this brush so link me cause I want to know what you guys think



  1. I really want to try Real Techniques! And you're like me, haha, a brush standing on it's own would definitely draw me in xx

    Olivia | Thoughts, fashion and beauty.

    1. I stood it up and went 'omg it stands up on its own!!!'
      Just viewed your blog and liked it so you have a new follower here!


  2. I love this brush. I got this last week. So soft and leaves a flawless finish when i use it with my powder xx

    1. I'm gonna have to buy more. I love it.
      Just started following your blog lovely :)

  3. I love this brush! It's great. I find it abit big for my face at time so use it as an all over brush. Have even been known to use it with bronzer! Lovely blog x

    Kal x


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