Healthy Food: Steak

As you all have read, one of my New Years Resolutions is to get toned and fit. I have spent the last couple of years losing weight I gained from steroids, but now I really wanna get rid of those horrible jiggly bits so I can FINALLY feel good about my body.

I have been toning down the exercise a bit. Less of cardio stuff and more yoga and stretches. Remember THERE IS ALWAYS TIME IN THE DAY TO SQUAT!

My boyfriend has also joined me in the healthy lifestyle, which I'm totally grateful for because he makes delicious meals catering to my needs. I'm super proud of him. In the past people have made horrible comments about his weight and now he eats healthy, joined a gym and a football team. Screw you haters!!

 We bought four frying steaks and thought we could see what protein heavy meal we (well he) could make.

On Monday night we had just plain steak with sweet potato mash and vegetables. I think I'm obsessed with sweet potatoes. Its filling, rich in fibre, a great source of vitamins A and C and healthier than normal potatoes. The steak was AMAZING, cooked on a teppinyaki grill so it got that lovely chargrilled flavour. Steak is one of those foods that can be cooked depending on the person. I personally like it well done, possibly a little pink but I'm sure some people have it still bleeding!

Tuesday night we had steak strips. It was stir fried in a sweet chilli and ginger sauce. Sweet chilli sauce is my favourite dipping sauce, I love the hotter ones because sometimes you find they're more sugar than anything! I thought rice would go nicer with this meal, in the past we've had it with beansprouts but I wanted a heavier meal. And of course... You can't have a stir fry without peppers and onions!!

Anyone got any other steak recipes? Would love to read and try some
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  1. mmmm your stir fry looks amazing!! I love steak plain with asparagus on the side. Sometimes I use spices from Epicure but I think they taste better on Chicken then red meats! Cute blog dear :)

    1. I couldn't find ANY asparagus in the supermarket I was gutted. It goes so well with steak

      Thanks for commenting

  2. I love steak! And I believe in everything in moderation :)
    Adela x

  3. I agree, I couldn't just cut something out completely...I'd end up wanting it alot more!



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