L'Oreal Skin Perfection- 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil

Hello beautifuls, I've got a new face product reviewed for you! L'Oreal's 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil!!

I'm sure many beauty bloggers have tried L'Oreals skin perfection products before because they are amazing! This caught my eye... Mainly because it was orange and I'm attracted to bright colours.

It's supposed to remove make up (even troublesome waterproof eye makeup), give you healthy looking skin all while not being greasy. Now, I was a bit on the fence about buying this since I have oily skin and putting more oil could make my situation worse but it says that it's suitable for all skin types so I gave it a go.

It comes with a pump, so you just pump 2 or 3 drops onto your fingertips and rub on your face including your eye area. 2 or 3 drops is just enough for me as it covers my whole face. It also didn't irritate or burn my eyes when I opened them. Obviously as it's an oil, it goes on your face quite oily and greasy but once you wash it off it turns to a white-ish milky oil. It only takes a bit of water to completely wash off all remains of the oil.

Once I had dried my face I noticed it did look brighter and clearer. My face wasn't dried out and thankfully not oily! It also removed ALL of my make up, even my ridiculous amounts of waterproof mascara and blackest black eyeliner.

As silly as it sounds, I really like that is a clear package and the oil is orange. It makes me want to use it more AND know when I need to buy more.
I'm really starting to love the products in the Skin Perfection range. Judging by other beauty bloggers I'm not the only one!

Anyone else love/hate this product. Comment below...your comments make me smile. And dont forget to follow me on the links below!!


L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara Review

Hello beauties. Today on the blog I'm reviewing a new mascara. L'Oreal Miss Manga...

I'm sure you've heard of Manga before, but it's a type of comic made in Japan. Many of the female characters have big, wide, expressionistic eyes. Recently there has been a huge influence of Japanese culture on the Western world. Seriously...just type in 'Kawaii' into Tumblr and you'll see. 

The premise of Miss Manga is to create great volume on your top as well as bottom lashes. I can remember being younger and watching Brookside with my sister, she mentioned how much she hated women that put mascara on their bottom lashes, so I grew up never doing it! It didn't help going to an all girls school where tango coloured girls would have spider eyes. Recently I've wanted to make it look like I have bigger, brighter eyes.

I really like the pink and black packaging. It sounds silly, but I think the pink gives it a cute, girly sense to the mascara, and I think that links to the whole Manga/Kawaii theme.

Miss Manga is made with enlarging collagen spheres which helps increase the volume of the lashes. It also has a super cool coned shape brush which helps reach the lower lashes as well as having a flatter surface to conquer the top lashes.

I'm quite surprised at how much I like this mascara. Like I said I've never been a fan of mascara on my bottom lashes, but I really like the look. The shaped brush really helps get all of the bottom lashes covered without them getting clumped together and it does increase the volume of my top lashes. I wore this on a night out and was told I looked 'fresh and alive' because my eyes looked so bright. I'm holding this to the mascara and the gallons of water I've been drinking recently. 

I think you'll find alot of girls (and possibly guys, HEYYY I'm not gonna discriminate on my blog), buying this mascara and using great amounts in order to create a spider lash. I'll admit, it can create clumps with multiple applications. 

Yeah, im wearing nothing but this mascara and my gym clothes

It comes in three colours so far. Black, Violet and Turquoise. I obviously went for black, as I think violet and turquoise would be too eccentric for a dinner date, but I want to get turquoise for a party!!
At the moment, its at a £5.99 introductory offer in superdrug. So get it now if you want it cheap!!

Have you tried this product? Or think theres a better one out there? Comment below, your comments make me happy ^^


Nip + Fab Bust Fix

Hello gorgeous people. Today on Starla Says I'm gonna talk about my breasts. Yeah...boobies. Those things that make it difficult to buy shirts, imprisoned daily by bras, and blokes are amazed at.

I normally review beauty products for your face or accessories but I found a cream that actually helps with bits you hide away. 

Nip and fab are are company that make creams and serums that help perfect certain parts of your body. It has such a wide range from targeting dark circles to dry skin. I want them all, but since I'm working on that Kim Kardashian post baby bikini body I thought I'd start with perfect looking boobs.

Bust fix claims to 'visably plump and firm the appearance of skin around the bust'. The ingredients sculpt and promote fullness, including mangosteen to help with tone and texture. This serum is great for women who have breast fed, lost a significant amount of weight or just want fuller looking breasts. 

In order to achieve best results you have to use it twice a day. It's best to use after a shower or bath as its easier to absorb into the skin and you also have to massage in circular movements.

I'll admit at first I was sceptical. A cream that basically gives you a boob job can't be real. Fortunately, I'm eating my words. I've been using this cream religiously for two weeks now and I can proudly say I've noticed a difference. My breasts do feel a lot firmer, rounder and dare I say it... A bit bigger. 

Normally, I would take photos of my progress but I don't think that anyone wants photos of my boobs on their reading lists. I think you'll have to take my word for it that it works. I definitely feel a lot more confident in my lingerie. 

After using this product I'm excited to try others especially Tummy Fix which targets the stomach area to sculpt and tone. 

You can buy from the website HERE or get it from Superdrug for £16.25

Hope you enjoyed this review!


Real Techniques Powder Brush Review

Hello lovelies, it's time for my first review of 2014, and it's all about Real Techniques Powder Brush. 

From my previous post about what I got for Christmas you'll see I got Bare Minerals powder. I haven't used powder for a while so this is all exciting to me. 

Real Techniques were designed by make up artists Sam and Nic Chapman. I think its clever to have people that actually use brushes, designing them as it gives the product a more specialised feel.

The bristles are made from synthetic material so its 100% cruelty free. Another reason for using this material is that it supposedly creates a perfect and flawless finish. It feels so soft  and delicate against my skin. I automatically thought that as its made of synthetic material that it will be harsh and make my skin feel itchy, but it felt so light and smooth.

It might be a silly point, but I love how it stands up on its own. It makes me want to buy more brushes and create a brush a brush line of all Real Techniques brushes on my make up station.

I also thought the brush was quite big. I felt intimidated by its size (I read that over and realised how dirty that sounds) but thankfully the size works in its favour. When applying powder, only a little bit goes a long way as it spreads all over the brush. This is also helpful for when you have 5 minutes of make up time before work!!

I'm still a newbie when it comes to using powder, but I think this brush definitely helps with creating a perfect finish. 

What are your thoughts? I know alot of bloggers have reviewed this brush so link me cause I want to know what you guys think


Healthy Food: Steak

As you all have read, one of my New Years Resolutions is to get toned and fit. I have spent the last couple of years losing weight I gained from steroids, but now I really wanna get rid of those horrible jiggly bits so I can FINALLY feel good about my body.

I have been toning down the exercise a bit. Less of cardio stuff and more yoga and stretches. Remember THERE IS ALWAYS TIME IN THE DAY TO SQUAT!

My boyfriend has also joined me in the healthy lifestyle, which I'm totally grateful for because he makes delicious meals catering to my needs. I'm super proud of him. In the past people have made horrible comments about his weight and now he eats healthy, joined a gym and a football team. Screw you haters!!

 We bought four frying steaks and thought we could see what protein heavy meal we (well he) could make.

On Monday night we had just plain steak with sweet potato mash and vegetables. I think I'm obsessed with sweet potatoes. Its filling, rich in fibre, a great source of vitamins A and C and healthier than normal potatoes. The steak was AMAZING, cooked on a teppinyaki grill so it got that lovely chargrilled flavour. Steak is one of those foods that can be cooked depending on the person. I personally like it well done, possibly a little pink but I'm sure some people have it still bleeding!

Tuesday night we had steak strips. It was stir fried in a sweet chilli and ginger sauce. Sweet chilli sauce is my favourite dipping sauce, I love the hotter ones because sometimes you find they're more sugar than anything! I thought rice would go nicer with this meal, in the past we've had it with beansprouts but I wanted a heavier meal. And of course... You can't have a stir fry without peppers and onions!!

Anyone got any other steak recipes? Would love to read and try some
Comment below


My weekend in Portsmouth

Hey guys. I thought that I might start doing a couple of personal blogs so you guys know more about me and what I get up to.

This weekend was my boyfriends sisters 30th birthday. Most have his family have moved to Portsmouth in the last couple of years so it's always a treat when we go down. Our best friend drove us down on Friday night so we could get ready for celebrations early.

Saturday lunch time we went to the Slug and Lettuce which is a chain pub for my non British followers. I decided to keep my outfit and make up simple as I knew I would be getting glammed up later.

My jumper is from the New Look sale. I saw this a couple of months ago but I couldn't face spending £18 on it. I got it for 6! It's actually a medium,but considering I'm a small I think it fits quite nicely. As usual, I'm wearing black skinny jeans. What can I say? It's my signature item of clothing!

Pub attire
Make up wise, I just did my eyebrows using my brows zingers I got for Christmas. Really in love with that product. A couple of lashings of mascara and I was done!

When we got there I ordered 3 sides to share with my boyfriend. (I can never finish a meal, and I always feel like I'm wasting money) That was A LOT of food.

So we went back to the house and after a nap and a shower it was glam time.

I've been inspired by Khloe Kardashian recently and I saw her where a red and white stripy dress. I don't think I could pull of a red and white dress so I got a black and white dress from Forever 21.
Ready for action

I love this dress, it's stretchy so you can pull it down to suit your desired length. It's quite thick material as well so I wasn't too chilly. My shoes a little black platforms from Peacocks. They only cost £17 and so easy to walk in.

Had such a good night with my boyfriend, his family and my best friend. Even if his sister broke her wrist after a drunken fall.

What did you guys get up to this weekend?

Happy New Year - New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year Everybody! I hope everyone enjoyed their night, whether you got glammed up and went out or stayed in and got cosy.

New Years Resolutions are one of my favourite things. It makes me so hopeful for the year.

Last year my three resolutions were: Get a job, to get off my medication and reach my goal weight. I finally got a job (yay me), I technically did get off the tablets... Only to be put back on them six months later, and I successfully got to my goal weight.
This year I have made three simple and hopefully easy resolutions:

1- Maintain weight and tone up

I'm sure everyone has 'lose weight' as one of their resolutions. I don't really want to lose anymore weight, but would really like to tone up. Get those abs for my bikini bod and lovely lean legs!

2. Blog more 

Ive gotta thank everyone for welcoming me into the blogging community. It's awesome. I think I want to really establish my blog and get it out there. I'm trying to get 150 followers by the end of January so all help is welcome. I also want to start taking better photos- start using that photography A-Level more!

3. Conquer my anxiety

I have terrible anxiety problems. Sometimes it stops me leaving the house as I'm scared of using transport to get to places. But this year I really want to conquer that and start going to new places and seeing new things.

A couple of things I'm looking forward to this year are:

- 5 anniversary with my boyfriend

- My 23rd birthday (my birthdays are a big deal to me)
- Going to Paris 
- Going to Crete

What are your resolutions? And what are you looking forward to most this year? Comment below as always