So this is my first healthy living post in AGES, and the reason why is I've been terrible health wise.

I always state that I believe that healthy living isn't just what you eat or how much you exercise. It's how positive you feel too. And recently I haven't been feeling that positive and I've almost quit blogging because of it!

Last week I quit my job. I know, crazy right? But its something I had to do. I absolutely HATED it. I sat in an office and did nothing... NOTHING all day for 8 months. It sounds like fun, but when you have no one to talk to, a rude manager that's based in Turkey and have to take your laptop in everyday it becomes a nightmare. Another thing was the fact I was never paid on time or the correct amount. Every month I had to borrow from someone to pay my rent and other bills. Thank God for Teddy's family for being so understanding and supportive. I used to get anxiety attacks every time my boss would email because she was demand ridiculous things rather than things important then be mean to me. (e.g Wanting a riverside office rather than paying rent for the office we had!). When I finally told her I was leaving I received a horrible email full of emotional blackmail to make me stay! I had enough and will be leaving in January!

I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting older but friendships are odd. I've just found myself not connecting with people that I used to. I'm surrounded by people yet feel so alone. I think some are realising others are growing up too, but there's no reason to lie about yourself to look better and keep people interested. No one believes you shagged all these women when you were on holiday when you can barely talk to a woman at a bar. I also get friends saying 'I'm so done' with another girl or 'I have no friends!'. Within a week they're BFFs again and they have magically found they're friends which don't happen to include me!

I've just had to take a seat back and work out where I'm going. A huge weight has been lifted off me since I know I'm leaving my job, and I've realised that putting myself first is the best thing to do. I love my friends, I really do. But a friendship works both ways and is tiring when I'm doing all the work. 

Sorry for the lengthy ranty post, had to get things off my chest! But I'm giving up on anything. I'm here to stay. 
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FASHION: Marie Meili Winsom Lingerie Review*

I know, I know I'm a terrible blogger! I just haven't had a laptop for ages so I haven't been able to type up blog posts! But I am back!

Today is a fashion post. I was asked if I wanted to review some lingerie and of course I said yes! Lingerie is my favourite thing to buy. There's just something fun about it.

I was asked to go on the House of Fraser website and choose what underwear I wanted. I knew I wanted something pink and different to what I normally get. So I opted for the Marie Meili Winsom.

This is the first push up bra I have every worn. I normally hate push up bras. I have slightly larger boobies than my friends, and I always get comments saying I'm either pushing them out or wearing padding. But no sir...I am number 1 on the Victoria Secret padding chart.

Surprisingly, I liked this bra. Even though it did feel like my boobs entered the room before I did it was lovely. It's an underwired bra, but I wore it for hours and didnt' have the pain or the mark of the wire on my skin. Even while brisk walking my boobs didn't fall out!

The padding

The knickers were a good fit too. Not too lacy so you feel like you work on a street corner, but just enough to make you feel comfortable. *TMI ALERT* It doesn't give you a wedgie!!

The sizing for this set was great. After a recent fitting I was told I was 32D, and this fit perfectly. The knickers covers a lot of your butt which I like as I don't want to feel like I'm commando in my skinny jeans.

Overall, I think this may be the last push up bra that I buy. I think I only need one in my drawer! But the fit and style I really like so I think it will have to be worn Saturday night!


Hey guys! I have been majorly busy as Teddy and I have just started our own food blog!
I would LOVE for everyone to follow us and let me know what you think [HERE]

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BEAUTY: The Truth About Stretch Marks

A bit of a weird one for you guys today. I'm talking about Stretch Marks. Its the kinda thing that doesn't really get mentioned but I think it really should.

Stretch marks occur when your skin has stretched due to weight gain, so that's why many pregnant women and mothers have them. Truth be told they are a bitch to get rid of. 

Even though I'm one of the many girls that have a warped vision of the perfect woman which doesn't exist, I really wish I could get rid of the stretch marks I gained once I put on weight. It's really embarrassing when I feel like I can't wear certain things because I feel like people will laugh

There are a lot of products out there that claim to work. It really depends on many things. How old the stretch marks are, how long you use the product, and your skin tone.

 I can't afford to get surgery to remove them unfortunately, or pay for ridiculously expensive creams so I have found cheaper products that have been working for me

Bio Oil
I've seen pregnant women by this in bulk in boots! This is one product that takes it's time to see a difference. I noticed my stretch marks getting lighter THREE MONTHS in. I use it twice a day and sometimes even bathe in it. A little bit goes a long way so you don't have to keep buying. They say its best to start using this when you get pregnant or start gaining weight... but I was I supposed to know when I was gonna get huge!

Cocoa Butter- Massage Cream for Stretch Marks

I think everyone has heard that cocoa butter is god for stretch marks, and now they have released a special edition just for it. This is apparently best during pregnancy as it also helps with dry skin and itchyness. I use this three times a day and have noticed my skin is smoother and lighter where the marks are.

I spoke about pregnancy far too much in this post considering I have NEVER been pregnant. I just want to stress how natural stretch marks are. I know girls are super embarrassed about having them and I've even heard stories of boys finding them disgusting. It's okay to have them, it's not weird or freaky! I just thought I should say that cause I needed someone to say it to me when I was down about I looked.

Does anyone else have any remedies for stretch marks. Ones that they have noticed working?? Comment below!

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Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with the Victoria Secret Angels. I have loved the fashion show ever since I saw Heidi Klum walk the runway in her wings while her then husband sang. Iconic.

So how do these models stay so fit? While stalking and getting jealous of their instagrams I saw that all of them have taken up boxing. The next weekend I went to sports direct and bought some gloves and pads.

I searched the internet for some great and easy moves to do at home. You just need someone to wear the pads while you wear the gloves (thanks Teddy)

Me and my AlexanderwangXH&m sports bra

1. Punching
Simple and easy. Start off with your left hand and cross over your body to the right pad. Then your right hand to the left pad. This works out your arms as well as your abs

2. Skipping
I've spoken about skipping before. Its brilliant to get your heart rate going and toning up your legs

3. Planking
Planking is my worst enemy. I'm sure everyone knows how to plank so I won't describe but hold for at least 30 seconds

4. Punching with Knees
Exactly the same as the first, but your partner lowers one pad so that you can bring your knee up and hit it

5. Punching with Squats
Squats are my favourite thing. Exactly the same as the first but your partner takes a swipe at you and you squat down. It helps if they shout DUCKKKKK!!

I just wanna stress that I am in no way qualified boxer or anything like that. I just found these great moves online and wanted to share with you. I absolutely loved doing this workout even though I was aching all over the next day. But no pain no gain my friends! Train like an angel as they say!

Have any of you guys done boxing? Is there a different technique I should be doing? Comment below guys 

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BEAUTY: My Hair Story

I'm Mariah. I'm 23 and I'm losing my hair. I'm not talking old man/monk bald, but my hair is falling out.

At 18 I had healthy, black relaxed hair. It didn't reach my bum or anything but was just pass my shoulders. Then I got sick and had to take Methotrexate and I noticed my hair falling out.

Look at the length!
Wait...did I even eat back then?

Methotrexate is a drug used for my condition but for some cancers as well. It all varies on how much you take weekly. Its aim is to lower your immune system and stop the growth of cells

At first it was juts my hair thinning, I couldn't really put it into a ponytail without it looking stupid. Then I realised my hair was falling out in chunks in my hands. It became super frustrating. At the time my hair was the only part of me that I could control. I was getting bigger by the day, my nails were in bad shape and I could barely exercise. So I decided to dye it. I had pink bits, then dark blue, then purple then copper. 

Losing my hair really made me feel terrible. My hair was almost my security blanket. I just started to feel more and more miserable as the chunks fell into my bathroom sink

23rd Birthday with my best friend.
Copper hair!!
Last year (when I started this blog actually) I decided to take things seriously. I really wanted my hair to be nice and healthy. So I dyed it back to black and started using certain products to make it better. Moroccan Oil and Vitapointe are my favourite. The last couple of months I've been using biotin. I've noticed my hair getting thicker and longer and I'm pleased with the difference.

I still have a bit of hair loss, but luckily its mainly in the back. (Very) Slowly my hair is getting back to how it used to be which makes me happy

I have the worst profile in the world.
Look how short the back of my hair is!!
So there you have it. Now the comments on my instagram can stop about the back of my hair sticking up!

Have any of you guys had hair problems or damage? Let me know in the comments below!!


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 I think in very healthy living post I discuss drinking water. I can't help it...its the good stuff. So I was contacted about jazzing up my water by Stur Drinks.

Stur Drinks are a simply a flavour enhancer. Kinda like cordial you have when you're a child, you put it in a glass of water. This one has no sugar and no calories! One glass also provides 100% of your daily intake of vitamin C and is suitable for diabetes and is gluten free.

Although it has no sugar, what makes Stur sweet is stevia leaf extract which is a natural sweetener and is now becoming more popular in the UK.

I was given Orange/Mango, Apple, Lemon Tea, Peach Tea and Blackcurrant/Apple. Momma Jean is a diabetic and I know how much she hates drinking plain water so I gave her the blackcurrant/apple flavour and she loved it. Teddy enjoys iced tea (hence why he's always amazed they sell it in McDonold's in France) so he really enjoyed the peach and lemon tea flavours.

I was pleasantly surprised at these drinks. I expected them to have a bitter after taste or just taste awful. I thought they would be sickly sweet or just not sweet enough but its just the right balance. I couldn't tell them apart from a normal diluted drink! I think it's a great idea to have them in 50ml bottles, I was able to just pop one in my work bag and put it in my desk. Sometimes I'm really naughty and have fizzy drinks everyday for a week, then the transition back to just water is so difficult. But I think if I drank these more I would definitely prefer it!

Stur should be in the shops soon so you should try a flavour out and you might be surprised like me! P.s Orange Mango is the best flavour!


I'm getting back on the exercise kick this week with boxercise. I think it may kill me but I'm up for the challenge. eek! This is my first blog with my new camera yay! But guess who can't find the macro setting....doh! I'll get better next week guys

Comment below as usual guys and leave me links!


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LIFESTYLE: Off The Blogging Radar

Hello! Remember me?! I know I haven't blogged in a while, I've almost forgotten how to do it. To be honest, I just lost my mojo for it so I thought the best way to get back into it is to talk about why.

I'll admit I compare myself to people a lot! Its easy to do in the blogging community. There's always someone with the perfect blog/instagram that makes you jealous. Or more followers than you even though you've been blogging for ages. So for a while I felt like my blog is just a load of crap and got into a blogging funk. Now I've realised that my blog is my own personal space on the internet that I share what I want. I realise that no one is perfect... but its pretty difficult not to compare.

At university I studied Media and Communications and figured I'd get a job in the media. That hasn't happened exactly. I have constructed a website...that's about it. In my current job I don't get paid on time or even the right amount which has caused so much stress. I've been late paying bills, rent and I even struggle to see people cause I can't afford it. But don't worry...I'm looking for a new one.

I'm not the healthiest person and have to take a load of pills to make me normal. So I changed my diet included alot more exercise to have a happier, healthy life. When I went to the doctors on Tuesday and they said I had to stay on these tablets my heart sank. I work so hard to be healthy and my stupid body won't even respond to it. 

I've heard recently that I apparently think I'm better than people cause I have a blog and obsessed with healthy living. This couldn't be further from the truth. I never want to come off preachy, or tell people what to do. This is something I enjoy and have seen benefits from. Having people you thought were friends bitching behind your back is never nice. Also friendship works both ways. I can't be doing all the work.

There you have my rant! Feels good to write it all down. I finally did get paid and I bought an awesome new camera so be prepared for high quality photos (Need to show off that A Level!). I also bought some cool exercise stuff that I can't wait to show you guys next week. 
Comment Below lovelies...make me all happy and giddy inside!


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HEALTHY LIVING: Body Confidence

The past week or so I've had a huge knock body confidence wise all due to some comments on a photo

For the first time in ages, I felt like I looked good enough to post a photo of me. If you go through my instagram 90% of the photos are food that Teddy has cooked for me. I'm not brave enough to post a million selfies of myself so this meant a lot to me.

At first I was getting comments like 'you look amazing', 'all that hard work has paid off', but then the mean ones came. 'You should eat a burger', You've lost so much weight you look weird'. Nice right? The worst one is the fact that my mum met a old school friend while she was out and told her I looked like I wasn't being fed! So I had to deal with my Mum on the phone for half an hour telling her I really do eat!

I figured I should go on the scale to see if I have been going a bit hard on the healthy living front but...I had put on five pounds! I know, I know those scales aint loyal, but I found myself asking how can I be that weight yet still being called skinny?!

I've checked my BMI... healthy. All these tests to see how healthy I actually am. It just made me wonder what counts as too skinny?! Before the weight gain I was naturally skinny and people made me feel bad for it. How long is it going to take for people to stop the body shaming on both ends of the spectrum?! Its not nice and its mean!
To be honest I'm sick of it. Sick of being ashamed of how I look, or having the body of an 'ironing board'. So get used to see my face and body on my instagram guys...I just got confident!

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LIFESTYLE: Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Happy Halloween guys! I'm not a huge fan of Halloween (too American for me) but I am a fan of pumpkin so I made a pumpkin pie! 

You will need:

450g of pumpkin (cubed)
75g Brown Sugar
2 large eggs
1 egg yolk
1tsp cinnamon 
1stp nutmeg
275ml double cream

I had no idea how to cut a pumpkin so I ran to Mumma Jean who cut it up in chucks and gave it to me in a sandwich bag!

1. Preheat your oven to 200c

2.  I used shop made pastry (because I'm lazy), lined my pastry case and put in the oven for 15mins

2. I put the chunks of pumpkin in the oven for 20 mins

3. After taking both pumpkin and pastry out I mashed the pumpkin so it made a pureƩ

4. In a bowl mix the eggs and egg yolk together

5. Put the sugar, spices and cream in a pan, mix and bring to a simmer

6. Once this is done add everything into the bowl and mix through

7. Pour the mixture into the pastry case. Set your oven to 180c and place in for 35/40 mins

8. Remove pie from oven and allow to cool. (Keep away from people that will take a slice before you've taken a proper photo of it)

Photo taken on my phone

 And there you have it! Lovely pumpkin pie for Halloween! It tastes awesome with cream! I think sometime this weekend I MIGHT make scones! 

Sorry I've been MIA from the blog... work and personal reasons but I'm back yay!


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LIFESTYLE: My Trip To Bath

If you guys follow my twitter/instagram (you should, links below) you'll know that last weekend I went to bath for a getaway.

Straight from work on a Friday Teddy and I headed to Paddington Station to get the train to Bath Spa. Our train was delayed for 30mins so by the time we arrived in Bath we were knackered and starving. Luckily right next to our hotel was a wagamamas

I haven't had wagamama in ages so I finished my Yaki Soba VERY quickly. I also decided to get a juice rather than my normal fizzy drink as I knew I'd be a naughty eater over the weekend. Then we left because my stomach was full and I was sleepy. Good times.

The next day we got up early and went to Bath Spa. As well as the history of Bath, its one of the reasons why people visit. It was £27 for two hours where you can use the rooftop pool, Minerva Pool and Hot Rooms. We got there at when it opened at 9 as it gets VERY packed. We weren't allowed to take photos (BOO!) but believe me it was amazing. 

We were the first people in the Minerva Pool so we swam around for about an hour before anyone else entered. The outdoor pool was lovely. Even though the day was overcast, the pool was warm and the views were delightful. It was so relaxing. After our time in the spa we felt so relaxed it was hard to walk! Our bodies had just shut down and relaxed on us!!

It doesn't take me long to get hungry so we went searching for somewhere that sold tea and scones

The Bath Bun was the cutest shop. It just felt so English!

I went for a peppermint tea, scone with jam and cream, Teddy (who still is clearly a child) went for a hot chocolate and scone. The scone was freshly made. It was still warm. Okay...I just made myself hungry.

We went the rest of the day exploring and shopping around. I practically spent most of my time in the yankee candle store

For our dinner we went to a place called Revolution which is kinda like a diner. I even decided to have a curly bob!

 The food was so tasty and filling. The cocktails were even better

This cocktail was called Sweetshop and had Stoli Razberi vodka with banana liqueur, bubblegum syrup, shaken with cranberry juice, topped with lemonade and had a sweet on the top. Yummy!!

I'm the weird girl that orders three sides instead of a huge meal. So I got chicken strips, sweet potato wedges and onion rings. And I ate them ALLLL!

After the meal we decided to stroll around and see what Bath was like at night. Its even more beautiful.

So that was my weekend away! I'm already wishing I could go back. Have any of you been to bath? Or live there? Comment below


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