What I Got For Christmas

I've seen quite a few bloggers put up these posts and most have them have inspired me to 1- make a post of my own and 2- work out what I want for my birthday!

Firstly, I just want to note I'm not doing this post to show off at all,I simply enjoyed reading others posts and thought it would be fun.

Lady Gaga- The Fame and Burberry- Touch

I got a sampler of The Fame in a Glossybox last year and thought it smelled lovely. I love the packaging, it looks like a pretty hand grenade and that it's actually black. The shower gel is great too. It smells fruity but its super weird washing with black soap.
Burberry touch is my favourite perfume (apart from all of Britneys), my mum realised I was running low and got me a huge bottle. Happy Mariah!!

New boots!! 
I work as a office manager on a construction site so every item of clothing I own ALWAYS gets dirty. But I'm starting at a new site in Chelsea I need to start dressing a lot nicer. Love these

Electric toothbrush!
As silly as this sounds, I've wanted an electric toothbrush for ages but been too lazy to get one. Hopefully this will make my teeth whiter

Ciate nail polishes
My sister is awesome, she knows how much I love painted nails. This selection is great. It has nudes,glitter and lovely plain colours. Can't wait to use it 

Benefit Brow Zings, Bare Minerals Powder, Real Techniques Powder Brush
I have a serious obsession with eyebrows, I'm forever trying to perfect mine. My sister bought this which includes mini tweezers, wax and blending powder. I'm going to review it soon because WOW its awesome. I never really use powder so this is new to me, excited to try this brush too.

Bra and socks
Being a bit saucy and showing my underwear. But I love lingerie,it just oozes sexiness haha. Really like the nude colour. My boyfriends sister got me piglet socks, how cute are they! His parents got me a matching pink throw for me to relax on the sofa with. I'm currently wrapped up in it sick watching Tangled!

Swarovski Crystal Tinkerbell
My boyfriend knows that Tinkerbell is one of my favourite characters. I didn't think something like this existed. I almost cried when he gave it to me. 

Other things I got was scented candles, tickets to see Panic! at the Disco, Star Trek 2 on Blu Ray, baking books and other little treats. 

Well hope you enjoyed my post. Link me to yours below!


  1. Wow I love the Swarovski Crystal Tinkerbell! Fab post hun :)

    Char | Char's Insights

    1. Thanks Hun. I know I'm still obsessed with it

  2. Ooh that Ciate polish set looks lovely!:-)xx


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