Weekly Dinners

As you know, I'm constantly dieting. Ive actually been put on a low calorie, low salt diet so I won't retain all that water while I'm on these steroids.

Watching out for salt is food isn't fun. There is so much in prepackaged food so always read the label. Sainsburys are great as they have a traffic light system so I always search for products with the most  green sections

I wasn't gifted with the talent of being a cook, but my lovely boyfriend is trying to be a chef so he is always ready to learn new recipes. We've got into the routine of every Monday I email him recipe ideas at work ,he tweaks them slightly and then we shop for ingredients. He cooks, I bake and clean. We make a good team.

The first meal we had this week was Spice and Lime Chicken and you can get the recipe HERE. This was absolutely lovely. I'm always a bit cautious of yogurt in my food because I'm scared it will turn my stomach but this was just right. There was even leftovers that I took to work the next day. 

On Wednesday we had Baked Turkey Meatballs with Crispy Potatoes and Broccoli. You can find the recipe HERE. This was my favourite. Turkey is the leanest mince around so it's great for low calorie and low fat meals. 

We had Beef Stir Fry next. It was gorgeous. My boyfriend used sweet chilli sauce to stir fry the beef and used rice noodles and beansprouts. Beansprouts are my favourite thing in stir fry and practically calorie free. 

Anyone got any other recipes for me? Comment below

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