Soap & Glory- The Scrub of Your Life Review

Hello lovelies, how have all been? It's December which means Christmas and New Year is soon. To be honest, i'm not a huge Christmas fan. Being around too many family members makes me anxious. But New Years is my favourite time of the year. I'm so excited!

Its getting colder and you have to look after your skin alot more. Even though most of my skin is hidden I still love smooth, supple skin which is why I need a good exfoliator. I also have eczema, so I need an exfoliator that wont dry out my skin. And thats where *TA DA* Soap and Glorys The Scrub of Your Life comes in.

The Scrub of Your Life

Soap and Glory products are a favourite of mine. A little bit pricey at times, but the products last longer than others and it always feels a bit more luxurious than cheaper brands. 

The Scrub of Yoru Life is the second exfloiator i've bought from this range. The first was Flake Away.
Can you see the tiny beads?
This scrub is awesome. As well has having a lovely, sweet fragrance its in a squeezey bottle so you can get the amount you want. I always got annoyed by the Flake Away tub- grabbing bits of scrub and getting it under my fingernails.  The scrub contains little beads that scrub as you rub your skin, it also creates a foam. I think the fact that its foamy helps as some exfoliators can be too harsh on the skin and you feel like you're being scratched.
Foamy Scrub :)
My legs feels so smooth and looks healthier. I also used it on my elbows where I always seem to get eczema and the skin there isn't dry or hard Rhinoceros skin -My older sister used to call me that when I was younger due to my condition...just realised how mean that is!

I would recommend this product, if you want the smoothest legs around, but its also great for other areas of your body.


  1. love this scrub and all of their products!

    1. arent they great!

      Thanks for the link, i've just started following your blog. Your travels are making me very jealous


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