OOTD- Early Christmas Date

Hello all. It's nearly Christmas, who's ready? I for one am not. Someone please help me!!

Last night my lovely boyfriend decided that we would have our Christmas together early as we're going to be separated during the holidays.

We went to a Thai restaurant called Mae Ping and goodness it was gorgeous. I ate A LOT.
Given that we were treating the night as a celebration we both decided to dress up.
Yes, I decided to wear a braless summer dress when there was hail and lightning. But in my defence it wasn't raining when I left, the restaurant is close to my house and it's a nice dress!

Dress: New Look - £17.99
Tights: New Look - £4.99
Shoes: Zara - £40

I keep getting asked why I have my hair up, and the honest answer is my hair needs to be relaxed and cut. It's in awful condition so glad I'm seeing my hair dresser before Christmas!

What do you think of my outfit? Comments below :)

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