Metcalfes Skinny Rice Cakes- Review

Hello all! 

I've been dieting for the last three years of my life I'm sure. Creating tasty diet meals are getting easier, it's diet snacks that need to up their game. Luckily I've found Metcalfe's Skinny Rice Cakes. And they are delicious.
Rice Cake Head

Normally I find rice cakes to be bland and boring, almost like eating paper but these rice cakes have a layer of chocolate on them(Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate or yogurt). I'm not the biggest chocolate fan so thankfully there's just enough to make it tasty without being overwhelming. 

Front of packet
Back of packet (look! its healthy!!)

I found these in Greggs for 99p, and you get three rice cakes in a pack. It's gluten free and suitable for vegetarians (sorry Bey and Jay Z, maybe after your vegan cleanse). It's only 83 calories per rice cake so it's great as a snack when dieting or need a pick me up after a gym session 

I know Metcalfe's do other products that are low calorie and tasty such as sweet and salted popcorn (yum!) and I've just heard about this corn crisps they have just released. As soon as I find them I will write a review.

Now I'm off to eat the last one out of the packet before my boyfriend does!

Anyone tried any other Metcalfe products? Comment below

P.S. If you read my last post thank you so much. It was a very personal topic and I was so nervous to share with you all.

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