Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Sorry about the late post, been so busy with all the family around.

Christmas has a become a difficult time for me. It should be all about family and love. Christmas Eve is my Gran's birthday, and my family and my cousins all go round and spend time with her. Last year my uncle had a terrible stroke and is bed bound so he doesn't come anymore. It really makes me sad for the whole day. But I did speak to him on the phone!!

So I left my Mums house, and off to my Gran's for PARTYTIME. We got drenched by the random rain, so as soon as I got in I changed. My Mum called this my 'Hip Hop Dancer Look'
You love my furry socks!
Peace Slouch Top- Forever 21
Ying Yang Leggings - Topshop

Normally, we order a huge feast of Chinese and completely pig out. This year the food was SO bad. I'm talking fried at least three times. My Gran had a chip and her stomach turned straight away 

So I ended up having a ham sandwich and a bottle of cider. Better for my waistline I suppose!!

Christmas day was lovely. My family don't really have that much money so I'm never expecting extravagant presents. But I loved everything I got. I will post a 'What I Got For Christmas' soon as I want to use my camera rather than my phone.
Christmas Outfit!
Heart top - H&M
PVC High Waisted Skirt - New Look

Look I curled my hair! I actually had done perfect curls, but I brushed my fingers through them so it came out super messy and more like me :P

Okay... My Christmas dinner looks abysmal. You can see the plate! And for some reason my gravy looks green haha. But I personally think I did amazingly not to pig out on the amazing food my Mum and brother prepared.

I decided to stay away from Boxing Day sales and spent it with my brother and Mumma. Can you guess what else I did?

Yes, I felt the need to workout in a Britney Spears inspired outfit. 

I'm really looking forward to Christmas next year. I've already planned to stay at my flat with my boyfriend so it will be our first Christmas together. Exciting!!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and I want to thank you all for reading my blog. It might not be the best one around but your comments make me smile!



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