Keeping healthy during the Christmas Holidays

I'm 98% sure its difficult to eat completely healthy over the Christmas period. I think all rationality just goes out the window and my favourite words become 'seconds' and 'more'. This Christmas, I've worked out a way to attempt to keep the weight down.

Not quite Millie Mackintosh just yet!

1. Get an app to track your food content!
I downloaded My Fitness Pal which was free from the Google Play store. It great and has so many foods on it. You can also add recipes, scan items with the barcode scanner, add your exercise for the day. It tracks your progress as well as your daily intake of calories, vitamins and salt. I think its one of the best apps I own!

2. Drink Water!
Okay I think I add this to every list I make - I'm sorry! BUT water is great for you. Alot of festive food have a high salt intake which makes you retain water and feel bloated. Fizzy drinks and wine have alot of hidden calories and sugar. By all means treat yourself but dont forget your water!!

3. Dance Away
I lost most of my weight doing Zumba as dancing uses all parts of your body. So this Christmas get dancing to the songs playing! My favourite tradition is making a playlist with my brother for him and my sister to dance to after all those Christmas TV specials. This year Work Bitch by Britney is number one on that list!

4. Squeeze a quick workout in 
Everyone's busy around Christmas but it's no excuse not to workout. Anything can be a workout if you put your mind to it. Need to buy something you missed off the big Xmas shop? Have a jog to the local shop. Or walk the dog. Get that body moving. I personally always take a fitness DVD or game with me to my Grans... she even joins in!

5. Don't overeat!
I feel like a teacher telling kids off saying this, but it really is the Golden Rule. At Christmas time everyones eyes are bigger than their stomach. But think about it 'Can you really finish that second bit of Turkey?' and most importantly... 'Should you?'

Anyone got any other good tips for healthiness during the Christmas period, comment below



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