OOTD -Dizzys Diner Date

Hey guys! Just a quick OOTD post.

My boyfriend just got a promotion and decided to treat me to a meal tonight. We went to a place called Dizzys Diner that serves great american style food. Well kinda haha! I had a chicken burrito and my boyfriend had a chilli hot dog. It's probably a good idea that he's playing football tomorrow and I'm doing Zumba. I am stuffed! 

Stupid Fringe!

Jewelled puppy top- Punkyfish £12
Black Skinny Jeans-  Topshop £40
Boots -Zara £80

What do you think of my outfit? Comment below


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    1. thanks... Bought it years ago and never wore it and I just found it

  2. Agreed. Love your shirt!

    Cathy from helllo-cathy.blogspot.com

    1. thank you sweetie
      given you a follow :)


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