Maybelline Eyestudio Master Duo

Whenever the question 'What make up product can you not live without' is asked my immediate answer is 'eyeliner'. I've tried them all. Started with pencil, then to liquid, then to gel. I've tried the winged look, the Pete Wentz look, and the barely visible look. Lets just say... I know eyeliner well. 

There are times when I want a dramatic line to go with my dramatic false lashes and other times when I just want a thin line such as at work where I'm surrounded by men that will never understand fashion or beauty products or why I fancy Chris Hemsworth. 

That's where Maybellines Eyestudio Master Duo comes in. 
Maybelline Eyestudio Master Duo

The premise is simple, one eyeliner brush that creates two different lines. A round tip to create a bold line, and if you turn it 90 degrees a flat tip to create a thin line.

Thin applicator

Thick applicator

I first used this on a night out so I decided to use the round tip for a thicker line. It sounds silly, but I really like the pot and brush. I've been using the Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner and I never get the amount that I want straight away but with this I had just enough. 
Thick eyeliner line (note lack of mascara)

I learnt a tip from my sister about applying liquid eyeliner. Always hold your breath as it steadies your hand.

I went for the thinner line for when I go to work, and for casual times. I'm normally terrible at getting the line right on the lash line, but this makes it so much easier. It's also good for creating different designs and flicks...but I'm terrible at that.
Thin eyeliner line (lack of mascara again)

Has anyone else tried this? Or got another product that's better? Comment below, even if its anonymous.

p.s Sorry about the crappy pics this week. Had to use my phone cause my camera made it look crap! 

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