Kukee Review

Hello my loves!

I kept on seeing people with above the knuckle rings and I became jealous. I found Kukee, a site that sells lovely home-made jewellery. 

The tagline for Kukee is 'Make a Statement', which I believe it does. I ordered three items:
A Silver Before the Knuckle Ring
A Unakite Apple Shaped Pendant
and Kistch Earrings.

Before the Knuckle Ring (apologises for my bare nails)

I love the silver knuckle ring, Its plain, simple and looks good. I think I'd need to buy more to put on my fingers for it to really make a statement, but I really liked how it looked

Unakite Apple Shaped Pendant
The Unakite Pendant is my favourite purchase. One, its a healing crystal and I've become obsessed with them recently. Two, it looks so pretty. Unakite is supposed to clear blocked energy and helps you forget the past and focus on the future. Something I REALLY need.

Kistch Earrings

How cute are these earrings?! You don't get to choose what earrings you get so it's a great surprise when you open the package. The backing and post are plastic so its great in case you get itchy ears due to fake gold and silver.

Can't wait til payday so I can get more jewellery for a decent price


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  1. Hey Mariah!

    I love your blog so I have nominated you for the sunshine award! Check out the rules and the questions on my blog.


    Well Done!

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