#BritishBloggerSelection Week One- Halloween!

Hey all! I've really been slacking on the blogging front and I really apologise :(

This week we got the first theme for the BRITISH BLOGGER SELECTION and its HALLOWEEN!

This year, I must admit I didn't do much for Halloween, but I did dress up and go to the pub with some friends. Check out my outfit!
Spooky Skeleton!!

My favourite Halloween memory is a simple one. My brother Alex and sister Camilla all stayed in and decided we were gonna do something to celebrate. My sister made the BEST pumpkin tart I have ever tasted. My brother had created the Halloween playlist of the century. And I had the greatest task of choosing what to watch (Nightmare before Christmas, Halloween, and plenty of Buffy episodes)

Next Halloween, I think my boyfriend and I will have a party where everyone has to dress up as a Halloween character. I just wanna make Halloweeny things to eat!!




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    1. Thank you! The top is from Boohoo and leggings from Topshop


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