Apocalips Review

I've always been a fan of lip gloss and never really thought I'd grow to like wearing lipstick, until I found apocalips. Apocalips boasts that it has the colour of a lipstick and the shine of a lip gloss. So I thought I'd give it a try.


Am I the only one that loves the name 'Apocalips'? I think it's such a clever play on words and relates to the colour and product being out of this world. All the shades have names that relate to the space/outta this world vibe.

The first colour I bought was 'Big Bang'. I always think red lipstick looks so elegant, so chic and I absolutely adore when stars like Gwen Stefani wear it on a daily basis. Apocalips glides on nicely and gives you great colour in one swipe.

Big Bang

The second one I bought was Eclipse. It's a dark berry colour which I thought would be great as its getting colder and darker out.


The last one I bought...was an experiment. Shooting Star is a nude colour. I think its Black Girl 101 that you should never wear nude lips unless you want to look like a weird Nicki Minaj clone, but I really wanted a nude lip! 

Shooting Star
So, okay I look ridiculous *sad face*, and the only way I could SLIGHTLY get away with it is to not use so much on my lips. You win some, you lose some...I'm not bitter at all ¬¬

Overall, Apocalips is a great product (in the right shade for your skin tone). You get full colour with one swipe, it lasts all day and looks good. I really cant fault it!

I know this product is a favourite with Bloggers. What are your thoughts? How ridiculous did I look with nude lips? Comment Below...


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