October Fitness!

I cant believe it's October already! This year has really flown by.
This will be my first exercise/fitness blog post and I'm super nervous about it. 

In 2010, I was diagnosed with an illness called Proximal Myopathy. The only way to treat it was to take 60mg of steroids a day. I gained 5 stone in 8 months. I have been off the steroids for 6 months now and I've lost almost 4 stone. Its been a difficult experience and has caused me to deal with depression, anxiety and insomnia. This month I plan to up my game fitness wise and show you lovely people my progress (or lack of).

I plan to try various different workouts, recipes, creams, and drinks to see what really works for me.So far this includes:

30 Day Squat Challenge
Hula Hooping
Soap and Glory's The Firminator

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I am or was overweight, I just want to be fit and healthy... and look good in a bikini.

Please excuse my dirty room! I was moving out!!!

My current weight is : 131 pounds
My height is: 5ft 8in
My BMI is: 19.92

Leave comments with your exercise tips/experiences and recipes! I would love to read them


  1. I have not been one to take diets, but I do not eat after 6 pm and exercise 30 minutes a day, when I can. I heard that a good thing to do is take up some Pillates courses: that way you wil be fit and also relaxed.

    Letters from The Vintage Club

    1. The after 6pm rule is so hard for me, I get home about 5.30! I've taken a Pilates class before its almost too relaxing I loved it.

      Thanks for the tips


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