October Fitness Update 2

Hey guys, sorry for lack of fitness updates, really been struggling with feeling so ill.

Being bed bound for so long is so distressing cause I love exercising., but luckily I found exercises that I can do laying down.

Crunches: Crunches are fairly simple to do. They focus on your abdominal muscles (which is here I want to tighten up!). All you have to do is lay down with your knees bent and then curl your shoulders towards your pelvis. I love this exercise, and I can really feel it working as my abs region feels alot tighter. I can always feel the burn after a crunch session.

Hula Hooping: OMG, this is my favourite exercise, although you do have to stand. It brings back memories of being in Primary School and seeing if I can keep the hula hoop up the longest. This time... Its for that awesome curve all the sexy celebrities have. To be honest, I have no technique to share. It simply is 'try and not let it drop'! After hula hooping for 15mins my stomach feels like its been through a war but they do say 'No Pain, No Gain'. At least its fun :)

Getting ready to workout!

Comment with any tips for working out or healthy recipes!


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