My First Beauty Post! Lush' Flying Fox

Eek! My first beauty blog post!

Well of course it would be about a Lush product. I love Lush. I walk into a store and the smell is just… heavenly. I decided that I needed a new shower gel and ‘Flying Fox’ caught my eye at only £4.95.

Its main ingredient is honey, but its specialist honeys from around the world. I’ve become a fan of putting Manuka Honey in my tea, muesli and pancakes due to the antibacterial effects it has, so I was so pleased its used in this shower gel!
This gel has a great jasmine fragrance that lasts for hours. I had someone tell me they liked my perfume it was that lovely. It gives a sexy, sensuous feeling which I love.
This product really made my skin soft and supple straight away. A lot of shower gels claim to do this but it takes days or even weeks to see or feel a difference. As soon as I got out of the shower my skin felt great and within a week  I noticed my skin looking brighter and healthier looking! I would recommend this shower gel to anyone who has dry skin as it is very nourishing  yet doesn’t leave your skin looking greasy.

Hooo… first post done. I think I handled that quite well



  1. This seems like a lovely Lush product! Welcome to the blogging world
    Mia ♡ Une Jolie Vie

  2. I love going into lush but am always overwhelmed with the products and never know what to get! So its good to see someone recommending a product that i could just go in and ask for :-) excited to see more posts from you!
    Beth xXx

    1. Awh thank you. Yeah I agree, if you don't visit lush often its so overwhelming. I'm excited to get writing more xoxo

  3. I soo soo soo need to try lush products every blog i read has posts on lush, need to get my hands on some!, decided to show you some support by following you with GFC :) hope you get the chance to stop by mine and support back if you like it :D hope you do! comment and let me know it was you :D Also i have a giveaway on right now if you want to check that out

  4. Yes you do! Lush is amazing.
    Thanks for the follow and I followed you back xoxo


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